King flop

king flop

It may have sounded good on paper, but the latest King Arthur film revival has been a monumental Hollywood flop. An autopsy reveals what. Well, it looks like summer has its first official flop. Warner Bros.' “ King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” Guy Ritchie's attempt to make the. Guy Ritchie's new fantasy epic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has become the year's first box office flop after takings even lower than the. king flop


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King flop - gibt

Otherwise this and the liberal chick garbage from Amy Schumer look DOA. The Power of Content Daily Deal: And Guy ritchie seems very self indulgent with his buddy casting considering the high stakes. What puzzled me is Warner Bros knew this was a flop, but still went ahead to dump in all that money for marketing, do those guys at Warner Bros have any business sense or just plain stupidity? Most of the stuff about Arthur is made up lol. The first Harry Potter was made for and had a tone that was accessible to everyone.

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